Ekaterinburg st.Lenina 38a office. 401
+7 902 442 75 22

  • We are the guys you need, if:

      • You are a pro in your sphere of business and you eager to use all resources of IT to make your business run better.
      • You wish to automate all routine processes in your company.
      • You actively develope international sector in your company.
      • You are looking for a reliable contractor for an interesting and difficult project, which you want to have done for reasonable time and money.
      So, you may write to our CEO Malygin Ignat, or call to our office to get
      in contact with our team.
      • You are looking for the cheapest contractor and never think about the quality of his works.
      • You create a pyramid-investment scheme in Internet.
      • You are not able to speak French, Russian or Arabic language.
      • All you have to pay for our job is just a share in your future business, and your name is not Steven Jobs.
      We are so sorry, but in all these cases we hardly can help you.
  • Malygin Ignat



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