If you are web-development company yourself and just need extra people to work on new project, then we have a brilliant offer for you!

We are interested in long-time cooperation as developers or sub-developers, and here is what we can offer:

  • Expert-level developers (each of us has more than 6 years of experience in this sphere)
  • Responsive web-design
  • Functional modules for web-services
  • User Interface development and programming
  • Backend programming
  • Automation systems
  • Web-integration (with SAP systems, with any type of CRM, with payment systems).
  • API development and integration

To find out more details please contact our manager

You also can find some of our projects here

Great, let's be partners!

What differs us
from the other development teams?


We can handle any projects with our own resources from the A to Z, from design to background programming.


We treat all our customers as our partners, which means, that we take every project very personally and always ready to suggest improvements to you or to give advice in order to make it more profitable for you and more attractive for potential users.

Management experience

We have good experience of working on complicated projects. We have our own project liaison manager, who provides first class coordination between you and our team of developers, so you always have a personal contact, who is responsible for everything and who can answer each of your questions.

Warranty & support

We provide maintenance and warranty to all our jobs.

I like your approach, let’s work together!

The way we work on every project:

We carefully study all wishes and ideas of the customer, asking a lot of questions to have a very clear idea of what the final result should look like. RESULT: 100% undestanding between us and the customer.
We search and study competitors’ services and give recommendations how to make your service unique?
functional and user-friendly at the same time. RESULT: the customer can be sure that his web-site will be the best among the sites of his competitors.
Then, we create technical assignment, which contains detailed description of all works, step-by-step. RESULT: we get the clear idea of what the result should exactly look like.
As the technical assignment is ready, we make time estimation for each step. RESULT: time means money; this step, actually,
is a financial estimatioin as well.
We create check-list according to technical assignment - a document that will help the customer check and approve works. RESULT: this project estimation criteria help us to control each step of work.
Then, we discuss and coordinate the technical assignment and check-list with the customer. RESULT: now both we and customer have the same idea
of the result we will finally get.
We discuss and coordinate time, price and payments with the customer. RESULT: ...and we can finally sign a contract!
We deploy the project on our development server. All works and all improvements are being done on development server to prevent possible bugs and mistakes on project server. RESULT: the customer can check the result online
any time he wants.
After any projects step is done, we provide first inner check and tests, and only when our tester says “it’s fine” – we show the result to the customer. RESULT: the customer sees final result of each iteration.
When the project is done, checked and totally corresponds to the technical assignment, and the customer approves that it is done properly, we transfer the projects to the project server. RESULT: Internet users will see only final, best posible version
of the customer’s web-site
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