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Character for "RA Karas"
Link: http://rakaras.ru
Location: Russian Federation

Design: Phoenix



Days: 12


TASK: create several conceptions of trade character for advertising agency «KARAS» («karas» in Russian means crutian carp, a small landlocked fish).

REQUIRED: trade character must be a nice and memorable little fish, which looks nice on all kinds of promotional products.


- We have to show that our fish is a highly professional fish.

- Well, what comes to me first when I think about «professional fish», is Overwise Gudgeon from a fable. But I highly respect Mr.Holmes as a real genious, dedicated to what he is doing. What if we combine them both in one character?

- Hmm, well, he looks really serious.

- I believe he will look just perfect in 3D.

- He looks nice on a corporate red color. Actually I believe he would be perfect on any «warm» color.

- He also feels great on beige and black color. Maybe not that bright, but still charming and irresistable.


- Let's try something really bright and colorful, like Marvel graphic novels?

- Hm...you know, today I feel inspired by Andy Warhol and his «Campbell's Soup Cans» ...or I am simply hungry?:) Anyway, let's try to combine this all together!

- Wooow! You can print on the T-short right now! A Super Carp hero!

- Yes, and we have two positive moments here: we can change the color of the fish and background to anyone we want. And this character doesn't need 3D animation - it is a graphic hero.

- Still I am afraid we will meet some difficulties animating this character.

- Nope. That is just like making a cartoon after a graphic novel. His fins, tail, eyes and eyebrows will be able to move, you'll see that will be quite funny.


- Remember that each carp is a magic goldfish from a fairy-tale somwhere deep inside his soul! He likes to make client's dreams come true!

- Sure. And our «goldfish-carp» should have almost human face, open and friendly.

- This one looks a bit surprised.

- He is just astonished by his magic power!

- This «swimming into a folder» fish is really funny.

- He is very curious and tittupy. How can he hold himself in these narrow borders???


- Let's try to change the style?

- Oh yes. What about something sweet and cute?

- This fish already seems to be in 3D.

- Yes, but it can hardly nove as a human being. But that's ok. I think: it is not a human, actually.

- Hm, black over black...is it ok?

- Well, maybe this guy comes from a very deep blue sea? No problem, he looks nice over white as well.


- I believe we need to add some funny details.

- Some devices, you mean? Ok, no problem!

- Brrrr, are you sure a fish might need a snorkel?

- I think that is funny. Moreover, we see that this fish is a real professional. He doesn't need a snorkel, but he takes it to be on a safe side!

- He looks nice with this blue piece of background. But we can hardly change the colors.

- But we don't need to change the colors! This fish is perfect!

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