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Trade Company PILOT
Link: http://td-pilot.ru/
Location: Russian Federation

Design: Phoenix



Days: 108

Trade Company «Pilot» is a large distributor of materials for plastic doors and windows production and installation.

Our main task was to create user-friendly online supermarket, which should be equally good both for wholesale and retail purchases. The aim of the site was to complement off-line trading process in order to save time and resources and bring extra clients to the company.

We were working on this job in several steps, and it took us about 5 months. But as a result, we gave the customer exactly what he wanted to get.


Catalogue is the heart of any online shop.
We elaborated a user-friendly and functional system to help customers find whatever they are looking for. We managed to simplify the purchase process and make it most pleasant for clients, so now they come back for new orders. Again and again.


Site remembers and keeps all the client data: company details, customer name, postal data.
Also each client gets a special status according to his monthly amount of orders and gets the set of privileges in accordance to this status when logged in.


Prices displayed to the customer when he is logged in to the system correspond to his status: the more he buys the larger discount he gets.

As a nice bonus, with every new status client gets new style of personal account page – just to know, that we really appreciate his merits.


We not only keep the history of purchases in user personal accounts – we give clients an opportunity to repeat previous orders.
That really saves time, especially for wholesale customers: instead of new long search in catalogue they can just order «as usual».


Personal agreements play very important role in the sphere of wholesale.
To help old offline clients keep their privileges for web orders as well, we created an opportunity to assign individual discounts to certain customers. These discounts work in parallel with status system and cover certain group of goods or a single positions.


If every order you make differs from previous ones, you still have a chance to save some time: just go to «Favorite Goods» tab in your personal account and create new order from positions you usually buy.


As soon as the client places new order, manager automatically gets an email notification.

So, even if the manager is not logged in to the system, he still gets informed and can immediately contact the customer for order confirmation.

Part IV:

To help the customers make the best choice, to give them some hints about new technologies applied in the sphere of plastic windows and to share some practical advices we created the module of articles.

Here professionals from the «Pilot» company share their experience and secrets with clients.


News module is dedicated to the company information: here we tell customers about some changes in schedule or in delivery details, if there are any.

Besides, this module is really useful for SEO – Search Engines do love sites with regularly renewed content.


The customer can ask a question concerning any position in catalogue and get a qualified answer from the «Pilot» company specialist. This «question+answer» card attaches to the position page, so all users can read it.

The whole list of questions and answer can be found in special «FAQs» page.

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