Our specialists posess more than 7 years-old expierience in various projects development, from simple "landing pages" to complicated web-resourses. We know how to make magic in Internet, and we do it well, fast and for acceptable prices. But the most pleasant thing about us is that we never let our clients down and never stop communication when the project is done: you can always address us asking to add some new features or update design or whatever - and we will be glad to help you! Moreover, our programm code always has clear and detailed comments, which means that if you want, you may always change us to another contractor without any losses - but we hope, that you will never have an intention to do that.
Why us?
  • more than 7 years of coding expierience..
  • 157 projects already done, including international ones.
  • We are extremly user-friendly, just like our web-services.
CRM (Customer Relationship Management) System - is a means of sharing information about clients within the company. In other words, that is a big collection of corporate knowledge, combined with messager and scheduler, which helps to improve both comunication with clients and among people inside the company. As practice shows, a CRM-system can improve your company's efficiency for 20-30% within only 6 month. The system helps to provide quick delivery of important information (new price-lists, new developments, new documents, etc) to each employee in each branch-office. Also with the help of CRM system you can duscuss new strategies and search for new solutions together with your colleagues from remoted offices, or teach the newcomers your corporate rules and values. What else can be addad? Well, we are not only developers - we are also users of our own CRM-system, so we have a clear idea of how to make it user-friendly and helpful.
Why us?
  • We not just create - we also use CRM-system in a very active way. So we know very well how important it is to make it comfortable and functional!
Some companies pay great attention to the catalogues of their production, placed on their web-site. But sometimes catalogue is not everything the client really needs. For example, let's imagine you have a rent-a-car web-service. How the user will know the exact price he should pay for certain model and for certain time? He will need to underastand the price -list, he also can probably forget about disount or something else.... But you can make his life easier and place a special online calculator n your web-site. So, the user will only have to choose a car, choose dates, and he will get the final price including all possible discounts. Another situation: imagune you sell, for example, cable. You have a very good customer that places great order. But how should he know what kind of car he needs for shipmen? Will a small truck be enough, or a large trailer will be needed? Again, you may place a special calculator which will show approximated value of order and suggest the type of car that can provide transportation. We have a very good expierience in web-calculators development, so we can help you elaborate the one that will suit your business most.
Why us?
  • We do appreciate your and your clients time!
SAP integration
A very serious issue for many comanies is keeping online store in correspondance with accounting software. Price list, stock balance, products - everything changes very quicky. Again, new orders come frome the site, so one day you may find that data on web-site seriously difers from reality. That is not very good, and usually people need to spend a lot of time and money to make necessary corrections. But there is a perfect way to avoid such troubles: you may syinchronise your web-site and your accountant software (no matter which one you use - SAP or something else). You will be able to change prices, to update stock balance, to work with new orders only pressing a button (or even without human help). In this situatuin you will never show on site product which is out of stock or price which is out of date. And all orders will be processed without delay. This may sound like magic, but it is our job!
Why us?
  • we know how this magic works.
Automate processes
Program for automatic information acquisition, - or, in programmists language, parser, - is a perfect solution for distribution companies. For example, you are a distributor some product with very changable or very long price-list (say, clothes, or ball bearings). So, you have two ways of filling the catalogue on your site. First is: you ask your supplier for illustrated price-list, you copy all information manually, and every time your supplier changes something (adds new product or removes old one) - you need to make manual correction. For sure, it is very hard not to make a mistake doing this job. And there is another way - you can take the information right from your supplier's web-site (for sure, if he is not against this idea). How? Very simple. All you need is to contact u, sign a contract, name the site you want to take information from, and - here we go! Every time the producer changes something, you just star the parser once again - and it adds or removes product according to fresh data. Isn't it nice, really?
Why us?
  • because we know how to do it…gently.

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