Web-design is not only an issue of a nice pictures, it is the whole complex of features that turns an occasional visitor into a loyal client. How it works? Very simple: when a user can easiy find any information he needs from the site, or make a purchase easily, or quickly get the service he searched for - that is the thing that really matters. That is what we do about the web-sites we create.
Why us?
  • 7 years of expierience
  • 2-in-1 approach to design: both emotional and analytical
  • Our designers get a great support from marketing, advertising and usability expert - in order to provide you with best product ever.
Logo design
Drawing is one thing. Creation of logotype is different. Logo should not only be a nice picture; it also must reflect main aspects of the company's activity and it's spirit. Creating a logo we try first to share a company's values and inner world - and express it on the paper. And - thanks to our expierience and passion, we do it perfect.
Why us?
  • more than 50 logo created
  • 2-in-1 approach to design: both emotional and analytical
  • 5 years of expierience
Brand book
Brand-book is the Holy Bible of marketing manager. Alpha and Omega of your company's corporate style. Correct fonts, backgrounds, colors and images, styles of business-cards, document blancs and many other important things are documented here. Brand-book lets you provide the corporate style over all branch-offices of your company without changes.
Why us?
  • Our designers know the rules and laws of corporate style creation.
  • We have technologies of corporate style transferring over the chain of branch offices.
  • We love this job
Trade character
Everyone knows Micheline tyres' "zephyrous" man. And everyone knows Marlboro cowboy! First looks nice and safe, another looks handsome and brave. Each character reflects main features, that producer wants to assosiate with his product. So, if you want to be brave as a cowboy, you need to smoke Marlboro, and if you want to stay safe, you need to buy Miceline tyres, - that is the message. And did you ever know, that Santa became himself - a nice old man in red clothes and with white hair and beard - only after Coca-Cola advertising campaign? Earlier his appearance changed according to artists imagination, as well as color of his clothes and style of his dwelling. So, sometimes trade characters may not only advertise a product, but also change human mind. We would be glad to create a trade character for your brand - as far as we truly love creative advertising strategies!
Why us?
  • We simply love this job.
Sometimes it happens that you have an exellent product and a perfect sales manager, but client refuse to have a meeting and asks to send him some visual materials by e-mail in advance - just to think if he needs your service/product or not. And that is a great chance for you to have the deal of your life - if your electronical presentation will be done in a proper manner. You need to "catch" the client, to show him best sides of your product or service and proof that your product or service will make his life much better. We not only have great expierience in the sphere of marketing and advertising - we also pay great attention to the features of your product in order to elaborate the best material ever, which will make your cliend accept most of your suggestions.
Why us?
  • We have been making different kinds of presentations for various businesses, and over 83% of our works brought our clients to desirable deals. Isn't it cool?
Baner AD in Internet is almost the same as lightboxes in the streets, but in Internet you can always specify your clients and show to each group only those banners that correspond to their interests. So, the main aim of each banner is to "catch" the client and make him click on it. And then the client gets to the so-called "landing page" (a page devoted to a certain product) or to a specified website section, where he will be persuaded to make a purchase or to use the offere service.
Why us?
  • we create banners over 5 years - we know how to draw attention of your clients.
  • we can create both static and animated banners, so everything is up to you!
  • We possess perfect sense of style, so your banners will go in line with your corporate style.

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